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Coal slag is an inert material and environmentally safe. ERI coal slag products do not exhibit any hazardous waste characteristics and pass all tests concerning heavy metals analysis, TCLP testing, SSPC AB-1, and is approved by the United States Navy for blasting at our nation’s major warship and submarine bases. Because Coal Slag is vitrified, the chemical attributes within the amorphous glass-like structure are encapsulated even when the granules are shattered at high speeds during blasting.  Because Coal slag products are recycled, their production don’t impact our environment like mined sources of competing products like garnet or sand.  Coal Slag products are Low- Free Silica in nature and are THE safer alternative to silica sand and other crystalline silica-rich materials.  Learn more about Coal Slag abrasives in the Learning Center.

Physical Characteristics

Shape: Angular to Sub-Angular

Hardness: 6.0-7.0

Mohs Bulk Density: 75-100 lbs./cu. ft.

Specific Gravity: 2.7 g/cc

Free Silica: less than 1.0%

Moisture Content: less than .5%

Available Sizes & Densities

Medium-1240 Coal 

Typical Profile: 2.0-4.5 mils

Used for general purpose applications. Removal of mill scale, rust and paint stripping on structural steel, ships, bridges.


Available in 60 lb bags and 1.5 and 2 ton Jumbo Sacks

Fine - 2040 Coal 

Typical Profile: 1.5-3.0 mils

Used for light paint and rust removal and new construction application. Removal of light mill scale, light rust and light paint stripping on new structural steel, bridges, frames and trucks.

X-fine - 3060 Coal 

Typical Profile: 1.0-2.0 mils Used for cleaning of surfaces of light paint and rust removal application to create a smooth finish. Cleaning of light mill scale, light rust and light paint stripping.

Superfine - 4080 Coal 

Typical Profile: 0.5-1.5 mils

Used for more delicate general cleaning of surfaces to create a smooth finish. Automotive, fiberglass, great soda blast alternative.

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